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Are you ready to take your email and SMS marketing to the next level? At Parkfield Commerce, we understand the critical role these channels play in engaging your audience and driving conversions. Our Email & SMS Audits, tailored for brands using Klaviyo or Bloomreach, are designed to ensure that your strategy is finely tuned for maximum impact.

MAximize Email & SMS

What’s in your report?

Enhanced strategy recommendations: guidance for strategy improvement.

List Segmentation Insights: Targeted messaging suggestions.

Campaign Effectiveness Analysis: Actionable campaign improvement tips.

Automation Workflow Enhancements: Streamlined automation processes.

Design and Content Feedback: Visual and content improvements.

Consultation Summary: Highlights from strategy discussion.

What is included in Webstudio X

Webstudio X Webflow Template includes over 15 pages in total, with more than 45 sections

Webstudio X - Pages - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

15+ Pages

Webstudio X - Sections - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

45+ Sections

Webstudio X - Styles And Symbols - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

30+ Styles & Symbols

Figma file included

Send us an email to webstudiox@brixtemplates.com with your purchase receipt, and we will send you the editable Figma file for the Webstudio X template.

Request Figma file
Webstudio X - Figma Files What Is Included - Home Page - Web Design Agency Webflow Template

Utility pages

Take a look at the utility pages included in the Webstudio X Template.


Choose your audit

Free Light Email Audit

We understand the importance of effective email marketing for your business. Take us on a complimentary email audit to help you improve your email strategy.

$0 (1 per brand)

Email Content Review: We'll evaluate the content of your emails to identify potential improvements for better engagement.

List Segmentation Check: We'll provide light insights on how to segment your email list effectively to reach the right audience.Campaign

Recent Campaign Reveiw: Get a snapshot of your past email campaign, highlighting areas where you can enhance your strategy.

Light Automation Suggestions: Discover opportunities to optimize your email automation processes for more efficient lead nurturing.

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Full Email & SMS Audit

An Email & SMS report filled with actionable findings and recommendations to guide your retention marketing strategy toward greater profitability.

$995 $695

Revenue-Boosting Strategy: A tailored strategy that's proven to drive revenue growth by optimizing email and SMS marketing.

Driven Lists: Enhanced segmentation practices that ensure your messages resonate with users, increasing engagement and sales.

90 Day Campaign Review: Insights from past campaigns that lead to improved campaigns, translating into higher conversions and revenue.

Sales-Generating Automation: Recommendations to fine-tune all your automation workflows, nurturing leads, and driving more sales.

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How Does It Work?

Strategy Evaluation


Assess current strategy alignment with brand objectives using key performance indicators.

Segmentation & List Analysis


Examine subscriber lists, ensure data accuracy, and optimize segmentation for targeted messaging.

Campaign  Performance


Evaluate campaign effectiveness using metrics, identify success, and ensure consistent branding.

Automation Workflows


Review automated workflows, and suggest improvements for better engagement.

Layout and Content Analysis


Analyze design, maintain brand consistency, and improve content for higher engagement.

Free Shopify Consultation

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Insights from the Pros: Gain valuable insights from a seasoned e-commerce specialist.
Tailored Advice: Receive customized recommendations for your online business.
Unlock Potential: Explore strategies to boost your e-commerce success.

"Their expertise and actionable recommendations have set us on a path to enhanced engagement and higher conversion rates."

Jonathan Elbaz Co-Founder, Baz Dental

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after I receive my audit?

Each audit is jam packed with examples, mockups, ideas and proven tips you & your team can execute and begin testing right away, as well as bigger future considerations. We can provide a list of trusted partners to help execute recommendations if needed.


How long will it take to receive my Audit?

Our typical turn around time is roughly 4 weeks from the time the onboarding questionnaire is submitted. We're real people, giving real feedback so it takes us a bit of time to make sure we're providing the most value to you as possible.


Is my brand too small for an audit?

We typically work with brands earning at least $1m+ ARR per year. But if your brand is Our pricing is based on the number of pages we review so it's affordable for most brands!


How does the audit process kickoff?

Each audit starts with a simple onboarding questionnaire. This helps us understand any planned changes, specific concerns, and other details to ensure you're getting the most value out of your audit.

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